Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

Do you love my wedding accessories but can't see exactly what you are looking for? Perhaps you are looking for a bespoke piece, which is a unique design made just for you.

I love working with brides to create something special for your wedding day. It's such an honour to be entrusted with making your wedding jewellery or accessories and it's lovely to share in the excitement of getting ready for your big day.

Read on to find out the bespoke process and how we can work together whether you are near or far.

Cathy here added some custom beading to the Ornella leaf hair vine and commissoned some bepoke hairpins to wear alongside it.

How It Works

Working with me in person at the studio or remotely via Zoom or WhatsApp means that you can be part of the creative process. Together we’ll create a one of a kind wedding headpiece or bridal jewellery that will be just yours.

As part of the process we’ll look at your dress, your wedding theme and your style and we'll narrow down your inspiration into a concept. I’ll make notes and perhaps some rough sketches during our appointment. We can look at my vast collection of beads, wires and pearls, for colours and textures, later I can also source others to suit your design too, if I don’t have exactly the right thing.

Following the appointment I’ll be in touch with a no obligation quote in around a week.

Once work is in progress I’ll keep you up to date with photos and emails.

When Do I Need To Order?

If you would like a completely bespoke design please get in touch a minimum of eight weeks before your wedding so we can begin the consultation and design process. However, my diary does get busy, so, to be sure of booking your slot in my making schedule it's best to get in touch as soon as you can.

If you would like a customised version of one of my existing designs, please allow four to six weeks before your wedding.

Janine, pictured here, choose to customise my Fiorenza comb with beads in colours to match her wedding theme. Read on for more about customised designs.


Costs for completely bespoke designs will vary depending on materials used and the intricacy of your wedding accessory or jewellery.

As a rough guide a completely bespoke intricate wedding headband or large hair comb would probably start from £350. Read on for information about customised designs.

Once the design is agreed you’ll need to pay a non refundable deposit of 30% before I can start making, this also books your slot in my diary. The balance is due before delivery or collection. If you would like to pay in more installments let me know.

Pictured here are some bespoke beaded shoe clips. Molly wanted to follow her colour theme for her accessories right the way through her look.

What Is A Customised Design?

A customised piece is a personalised version of a design already in my collection.

You might like something but prefer a different colour, or perhaps there is a hair comb in the collection that you’d prefer as a hairpin, for example. There may be some elements in one design that you’d like to combine with another.

A simple tweak to a design such as a change of wire colour, is unlikely to affect the price of a piece, but more complex work will, depending on the time needed, and if more materials such as beads need to be sourced. A no obligation quote will be given before any work is started.

Pictured here, Molly chose to change the colours of the Aria hairvine

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